Hello everyone!!! I am so excited to announce to you that I am finally walking again and that I am pain-free. My hip surgery was a huge success and after weeks of recovery I can now walk without any pain. Of course, my leg is a little weak, but with exercise and good eating I know I will be stronger. My back is also doing great after two sessions of Cortisone injections. I am so happy and grateful. After 15 years I am finally pain-free. Thank God!

I am so blessed to have a great insurance with excellent network of wonderful doctors. After so many years without any insurance I was miserable. I am so happy and very motivated to write again. I cannot wait to be able to finish all my unfinished work that I must complete. I still have all my notes and getting more ideas for my writing. I have also been writing on my journal which is also keeps me writing constantly.

Well this is my post for now and I will get back to you with more details on my upcoming writing and progress. Take care now.




Day 10

Hello. This journey of mine in regards to writing is going very slowly and also the healing process after surgery is not going smoothly as I thought it was. At first, I was excited that I was progressing in therapy, but now I am in so much pain that I can’t hardly sleep at night.

I am tired all the time and my entire back is completely sore. Running errands while in crutches is no fun either. Sometimes I either wait in the car or just stay home depending if the place I am going to be at have a motorized cart in which sometimes it doesn’t.

In regards to my writing I have not written anything. It’s as if I had all sudden lost inspiration to write, because I have no idea what to write. Also with my aches and pains I really don’t feel like writing much. My husband always tells me to be easy on myself. I try not to beat myself up too often and I need to remind myself that I am only human and I am just starting this journey.

This journey to me has been a roller coaster with the ups and down of not only writing, but also in life. It has not been easy and I guess nothing in life is easy. In two more weeks my surgeon will take away my crutches for goods and I will walking on my own. Good and I cannot wait. I just hope that my hip continues to heal properly.

In May I will return back to work and my husband will working soon, so for both of us is good since he gets bored at home. He has been good taking care of me while I am recuperating from surgery. Well for now this will be my post until next time. Take care and I will continue keeping  you post it. Bye now.





Day 9 of My Journey-Update on my Health

Well hello there. It has been more than a week since last time I wrote on my blog. I have been recuperating since my surgery. I am now taking therapy sessions and is progressing very well thank God. I have been doing my therapy sessions at home as well so that my healing can continue smoothly. I am very excited of the progress and I will make sure that it will continue that way. I want to feel better after I am release and be able to go back to work and have finally a normal life.

My doctor told me to wait on my aquatic therapy, so that what I am basically doing just waiting. I have also been reading a whole lot while I am in recuperation and so far I had read three different books. Basically three different genres. I finish those three in less than a week. One novel for young adults, one memoir, and one thriller. Right now I am also reading a novel series for young adult. So far I am in the second book of that series and there are three book in that series. I finish the first book in two days just like others I had read. I am speed reader and I love to read. I took speed reading classes in college and it has helped me so far in my reading.

I haven’t continue on my writing since my focus is on getting my health better and also because like I said I has been reading a whole lot. I guess I am taking a small break from writing in the meantime. Is not easy since I love to write, but I have to put my health first before anything else since without good health I would not be able to do what I want to do. What I want to do is to write my novels, screenplay, and poems. It takes inspiration and ideas for writing and I have not been inspired lately.

It has not been easy staying at home and rest. I feel like a jailed bird that can’t do anything. I am mentally strong and think I can do anything I want to, but I have to stop to not overdo things and be stupid. I have to let my husband to help me and also be patient in letting the healing process go smoothly. The first week I was not a good girl since I was tired of being at home I would told my husband to take me out. Not a good idea because is painful and exhausting. So now I stay home and I only go out when I must for therapy sessions.

I was thinking of entering this writing contest that there is online and deadline is in two months to submit writing work. I am still thinking about it, so I will see if I enter to that contest. There are couple of categories that I can get into and I want to do more than one. I just don’t know if I am able to get in just in time. Well I will see and I will let you know. In the meantime I will continue with my healing slowly but surely and also I will continue with updating of the process. Take care and I will continue blogging soon.