Day 6 of My Journey

Well hello there. It has been a while since last time I wrote in my blog. So much had been going on in my life in these past days, but most specifically my health issues. Anyhow, the days are passing by and my surgery date is getting closer. I have not written on my plot   since going thru all my doctors’ appointments trying to get medical clearance has made it difficult. Is no fun going thru all of that. I was also kind of getting discourage in continue to write since I don’t think my quality of writing is good enough and this month I couldn’t enroll in the classes as I was planning to do. I have to wait till next month to do so. During these past days I did ,however, wrote on my journal because it allows me to write anytime I am not busy at work or while I am waiting at a doctor office.

It is so hard to avoid distractions when trying to write. Distractions are one of the worst enemy for a writer. It just ruin the focus when attempting to write. Creativity follows after one is fully focus. Then distraction happens. For example, right now as I am writing this post, I like to listen to online radio. I listen to classical music while I am either reading or writing. Music is relaxing and the volume is just right. However, those announcers in the ads are just so loud. One time I jumped because I was so relaxed I forgot about those annoying ads and it startled me! I was so annoyed by it. I lost focus of what I was writing and got me mad. I tried to relax and took a deep breath and continue with my work.

Another enemy for writing is procrastination which I am still fighting it. I mean who hasn’t. I mean we are all human. I learned that to defeat this enemy one must be discipline and in this world of writing is a requirement. My distractions that I currently have been experiencing while going through my journey in writing has been my health issues, my day job because is exhausting at the end of the day to even write, and of course procrastination.

This journey of becoming a writer for me have been a challenge. I am sure that at one point professional writers has faced many challenges when they started this great journey and managed to overcome them all. I am still learning and yes there is a moment in which I feel overwhelmed when trying to learn as much as I can from others writers.  There are so much I need to learn in this journey. The learning part is a beautiful yet overwhelming process and that is what makes a writer become a great writer.




How to react to negative comments on your blog



On our blogging series, we have at different pointsexplained why a blog can be one of the best things to happen to you, whether as a writer or not.

However, we can’t deny the fact that there are a few things that can make the experience far from fun. One of them is negative comments.

No matter what you write, some people will never agree with you and instead of saying their opinions nicely, they will curse and do their best to be as nasty as possible.

You cannot control what people write but you can control your reaction. Here’s how to react to a negative comment.

Stay cool

We know it is very hard to remain calm when someone literally attacks you on social media but you have to. Don’t respond in anger. If you need to, wait a little while for your feelings to be more stable…

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Day 5 of My Journey

Writing has endless possibilities and in the art of writing there is no ending because is limitless. There are millions of writers around the world that just love to write and create. They are creators around the globe and creators loves to create art. Writing is an art. It is amazing how much love there is for writing. There are some writers that love to write and they make money out of it and is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There are other writers that just love to write because they love doing that regardless if they get paid or not.

I just finished reading two novels. I read one novel per day. I love to read so much that I can finish the book in one day. I love to read and to me reading makes me feel good. Because I love to read, I already have a plot for my novel. I have been writing my plot for the last two days and so far it has  not been easy. Even though I have the idea in my head I am having a hard time putting those ideas into words. Writing a plot for a novel is not as easy as I thought it would be. It so much easier to write in a journal my thoughts and feelings than writing a plot for a novel. It is so hard.

I have the ideas in my head, but putting into words that will make sense in a sentence is not easy. I had stopped blogging the last two-three days just to write my plot and also because I was tired after coming home from work. Not to mention my pain from lower back and hip. When I was writing my plot I had to stop half way because I had a writer’s block. Which of course it made the process of writing my plot harder.

Writing a novel is not easy as I thought it would be and right now all I have is a halfway plot. Maybe is too soon for me to start writing a novel. I should just focus on improving my writing and also to organize my ideas for my novel in a notebook, so that I won’t forget them later. My husband always tells me to write the ideas down so that I won’t forget. He is absolutely right. So far I have been doing that and it helps. I have so many ideas for my novel. I have ideas for not only novels, but also for screenplays, and maybe two researches for documentaries.

My dream is not only to become a writer, but I also want to be an author, screenwriter, and director.  I am already checking schools that I can enroll for my English major and Film production. Which I believe those two are awesome careers that will help me accomplish my goals. I am already a blogger and I will continue doing so. Being a blogger is also not easy because again of writer’s block. When I do have a writer’s block I then start writing in my journal my thoughts because to me my journal helps me keep my thoughts straight. My journal is my helper all the time. The classical music I listen to also helps with the ambience. Its helps me keeping my focus when I am reading or writing.

Distractions are the worst enemy for a writer. I love to read and write, and having distractions when I am doing one of those things gets the worse of me. When I am reading or writing I like to keep my focus on what I am doing. I give my full attention to that. My husband knows that, but he also likes to talk to me a lot. He is sweet to me always and I have to manage to not get upset and learn to manage my time more efficiently, so that I can give him my full attention.

When I am relax, my mind tends to set free and my creativity comes in and takes over. Creativity to me is a gift. It is an awesome gift that allow me to explore a different kind of world. A world of wonders as I like to call it. It is a wonderful gift from God. My hubby understand that since he is also a creative person. He is not into reading or writing, but he does like to create things with his hands. In that aspect we are both artists since we both like to create art in one way or another. He is into culinary arts, special make up effects, drawing, and myself I like to create art in my writing. We both love art and writing is an art.



Day 4 of My Journey

Well, hello there. Today is my day 4 of this journey. I woke up today in pain. My husband got my coffee ready for me. We went to bed so late. Not a good idea. Anyhow, I read from Writers’ Digest about how to format a manuscript. Maybe is too soon for me to start thinking about starting my own manuscript for my book. The process of writing a book is not easy and it takes time. I mean it takes time a whole lot of it and the work behind it of what it takes to write, publish, and selling it. It is amazing.

I want to write and I don’t want to stop regardless. I love to write and I love to write everyday. Even if is to others it just meaningless things. But to me it matters because is from me. To me writing is something I cannot live without. For us humans, we cannot live without oxygen and as same is writing to me like oxygen I can’t live without it.

I just regret that I had not discover this passion for writing long time ago. I mean, I always love to write. I would write on my journal, notebooks, laptop. I never thought that this would be something that I am serious about until now. I am fully aware that I am just starting this journey and that I am just putting my feet first before diving in completely. As I mentioned earlier, I won’t stop doing this and I will not let more time pass me by. I have to create opportunities and not wait for them to come to me. If I continue to wait, then time will pass me by. I mean tomorrow is never promised. I already living with regret for waiting this long to finally take this first step.

In seven more days I will start my courses online for writing. I cannot wait to start and since they are online it will give flexibility to be at home while recuperating for my surgery since surgery will happen a week after start my classes. I discovered that with writing there is an endless possibilities and also an infinite world of creativity. There is no impossibility in writing because anything can be created. All one need in writing is just creativity, organization, and a whole lot of imagination. Possibilities are endless when it comes to writing. Writing is an art. A beautiful inspiring art.